Bespoke Healthcare

for International Students

A Note From Our Founder

We are increasingly asked by parents about adding their children as members to our popular concierge health service. This is often following difficulties in getting timely answers from school nurses, GPs, or hospital doctors. We are often requested to liaise between parents and NHS service providers.

Most parents expect their children to thrive in the UK, especially after investing significantly in private education. The fact is, multiple factors determine a student’s success, either in school or university. Many ignore the importance of mental wellness in achieving their potential. In our experience, many students fail to fulfill their true potential because of an undiagnosed learning disability or mental health disorder. It is not uncommon for a student to receive a diagnosis of dyslexia, Autism, or ADHD.

These conditions go undiagnosed in many African households due to social stigma, culture, and pressure for young people to behave in a manner that is commensurate with society’s expectations.

In response to this growing demand, we have gone from providing a service on an ad-hoc basis to offering parents of children in day or boarding schools and students in universities a fully-fledged service that gives access to primary care and pastoral support. Be part of the revolutionary way we cater to and impact the lives of children of African households schooling in the UK. We hope this will bring you peace of mind knowing your children are in safe, trusted, and familiar hands.

Dr Taiwo Olatunji
Founder & Medical Director

About Us

MHF Medical Concierge provides bespoke, global healthcare service to individuals.

We are the only healthcare provider in the UK focused on providing bespoke healthcare exclusively to individuals visiting the UK from African countries whether for medical tourism, business, holiday, or study.

Our doctors have multi-specialty experience, all of whom have demonstrated excellence and recognition for their work. We offer solution-based care that cuts across medicine, lifestyle, and fitness.

We pride ourselves on providing a seamless service grounded on understanding our client base, including their expectations of care, need for discretionary service, and desire for the best care possible with expediency.

We are based in Victoria, Central London in a purpose-built facility providing general medical, laboratory, and imaging services. We utilize the latest medical technologies to serve our clients worldwide.

The Need

Due to an increasing shortage of GPs in the UK NHS, on average you have to wait 2 weeks, with some parts of the country waiting up to 3 weeks to get an appointment.
Furthermore, the waiting time for specialists can be up to 12 months with specialties like neurology, orthopaedics, and dermatology being the most affected.

The NHS surcharge paid by all international students on visa application does not give preferential access to GP or hospital services. International students face the same waiting time as the rest of the UK population with the added disadvantage that most students have little knowledge of accessing medical services in the UK.

A BHIS subscription bypasses the need to wait and provides highly personalised and bespoke service to each student. We provide holistic care and encourage students to engage with us to optimize their physical and mental health.

We provide information to parents regarding an unwell child without the need for them to navigate the school nurse, GP, or hospital consultant. If needed, students can seek to consult MHF doctors at our central London clinic. We can arrange specialist referrals, investigations, and admission to private hospital beds if needed. There is no waiting time to access our hospital specialist partners.

We work closely with schools and universities to ensure students achieve their full potential. MHF also work with parents in choosing guardians for students in boarding schools.

Our Service Offering

African Focus

We have a deep understanding of African customs, traditions, and lifestyle that underpins health beliefs and practices. Our established medical concierge caters to a largely African clientele.


We offer a transparent, simple annual subscription with a substantial renewal discount each year the service is not used. Upgrade possible to include family members.


With MHF there is no waiting list to see your personal clinician who is responsible for your care. We offer patient-centered care, unlimited consultations, and flexible appointment times to suit you.

Digital Healthcare

Tele-consultation on any smartphone means no waiting and at your convenience. Your personal health record is accessible remotely and can be shared with family members.

Body & Mind

We provide health education at every opportunity thereby creating health awareness from a young age. We advocate for mental health wellness as a pre-requisite for academic success.

Health Advocacy

We offer genuine, independent advice. We liaise between healthcare teams and parents/guardians and can represent parent interests in all health decisions.


We have a deep understanding of African customs, traditions and lifestyle that underpins health beliefs and practices.


Our extensive network includes the most distinguished clinicians, therapists and medical investigators across the globe.


Our distinguished clinical team is made up of experienced physicians and administrative professionals.


As a concierge business, we ensure that care is delivered professionally, smoothly & discretely.


I can’t thank you enough for the care you have provided for my children. Having an unwell child is very frightening and the care and concern that you have shown is much appreciated. You went up and beyond to look after them and we really appreciate it.

Derin Karim,
Mother of two sons in boarding school

This is a top-class service with outstanding doctors who go above and beyond to help with my healthcare needs. Access to BHIS was like a breath of fresh air after losing faith in the NHS. I felt listened to and could access the doctor and my point of contact when it suited me. My mum is happy that I have found the support I wished I had all along.

Adaeze Kalu,
2nd Year Undergraduate Student

To the entire team at MHF, you guys are amazing! Access to BHIS has helped to improve my concentration and engagement with my studies. With the guidance of Dr Olatunji and his team, I am finally happy with my physical and mental health.

Olaoluwa Olawale,
Post-grad student


BHIS (Bespoke Healthcare for International Students) provides you with the advantages of private healthcare without the price tag.

Whats included:

It gives access at any time in the school year to a pastoral team headed by an appointed clinician responsible for a particular student. There is direct access to the doctor through our encrypted messaging service which can be shared with parents (with child consent if over 18).

  • MHF GP Consultation: Face-to-Face or Virtual
  • Electronic Prescription: Issued directly to your smartphone or email address. Drugs can be purchased from any pharmacy anywhere in the country by presenting a code from the e-prescription.
  • One Annual Routine Well Check (including blood and urine tests): Our in-house laboratory will turn your pathology tests around within 4 hours of sample collection with results delivered to your email and contact mobile number.
  • Annual Diagnostics Check (including BP, ECG, BMI, and Ultrasound (if indicated)
  • Free Medical Letters (including referrals)
  • Free Form Completion (including passport, visas, sick notes and fitness to travel)
  • Liaise With School Nurse/GP
  • 3 Free Counselling Sessions Per Year
  • Reduced Rate to See In-House Specialists (including Paediatricians, Cardiologists, Dermatologists, Diabetologists, Orthopaedics and Gastroenterologists)
  • Electronic Health Record With Access Possible for Parents or Carer
  • Health Insurance Advice (including which to get, type of coverage and helps with the claim)


One-Off Annual Fee. Advance Payment. Multiple students in a household attract a family discount of 10%.

To register in your interest, call us on +44(0)203 096 0019 or email

Whats not included:

  • Hospital Costs (including admission, drugs, and investigations)
  • Imaging – MRI, CT, and other referred imaging modalities
  • Physiotherapy
  • Home visits
  • Drug costs


+44 (0)203 096 0019



170 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, SW1V 1DX