Unique Private Health Management Service

We understand the busy lives of our clients and the dynamic nature of their work and play.


We have a deep understanding of African customs, traditions and lifestyle that underpins health beliefs and practices.


Our extensive network includes the most distinguished clinicians, therapists and medical investigators across the globe.


Our distinguished clinical team is made up of experienced physicians and administrative professionals.


As a concierge business, we ensure that care is delivered professionally, smoothly & discretely.

Why are we so unique?

We are not just about what we do but most importantly about the people that do it. We have a team of doctors with very special and unique skill sets. The ability to offer solution based care that cuts across medicine, lifestyle and fitness. That includes anticipating your needs before it becomes apparent. This profound understanding of our client comes from a root understanding of what makes our clients tick, their social construct, position in business and society and the cultural underpinnings that drives their behavior and influence their mental outlook. Our objective is simply to help you optimize work and play in a measure that’s acceptable to you.

We understand the busy lives of our clients and the dynamic nature of their work and play. This allows us to be able to customize a discreet service that exceeds the demands of even the most discerning client.

The team is made of experienced UK trained physicians. Our doctors are always at the forefront of cutting edge medicine, bringing this to our clients well before mainstream use in the wider medical community. Our innovative practice (video consultation, remote monitoring of vital observations and electronic prescribing) enable us deliver unparalleled round the clock care to clients.

Our Service Offering

We advocate the best personal treatment that you require, and work tirelessly to find the best options available anywhere in the world.

Medical Tours

Our doctors are available to join you on your business travel to ensure continuation of treatment whilst away from home and to ensure your health is optimized for business. You spend more time focused on business rather than seeking treatment whilst abroad. Some medical tours are to assist in ensuring you and your delegates remain healthy and free from incident throughout the event. We provide minor emergency treatment, mental health assessment and treatment, acute medical treatment and stabilization.

Nutrition, Fitness & Sleep

Being constantly on the go can be exhausting, not to mention challenging to maintain a healthy diet in different parts of the world. We formulate an acceptable diet plan with you bearing in mind your hectic schedule. This is coupled with a fitness regime that is designed to boost your energy levels and improve cardiovascular stamina. Using cutting edge technology, we can advise whether you are getting sufficient REM sleep to optimise brain function and stamina. Where there are inadequacies (common in those that frequently shift timezones), we are able to offer non addictive treatment.

Preventative Medicine

All our clients are in the middle of building a legacy. We are here to enable this goal. Central to all of this, is not just treating illnesses but more importantly preventing them. Thanks to new genetic sequencing techniques, we are able to predict future illnesses. We can screen for genes responsible for heart disease, breast cancer etc and provide information of body age vs real age. We can also use this tool to provide information of likely drug interactions the patient may suffer and avoid adverse events. All these allow us to provide highy personalised healthcare management which ensures your health remains your biggest and most valuable asset.

Family Office for Health

We provide a central record of your health and that of your family. This information is readily available to you. We provide you with a one stop clinic where all aspects of your healthcare is looked at for future planning and wealth management. We offer counselling on genetic risks. The function of this office is not dissimilar to that of the family office in wealth management advisories. An open place where all aspects of health care is discussed to allow forward planning in good and in ill health.

Discrete Medical Practice

Most of our clients are statesmen or captains of industry. They require treatment in very private facilities by clinicians who not only understand the clients request for a discrete service but appreciate what is at stake should health information of such individuals be made public. As a result, all our clinicians and partners sign non-disclosure agreements with MHF.

Health Evaluation & Optimisation

We carry out a detailed initial assessment of your health taking into account pre-existing illness. The result is then used to agree a health plan that is renewed annually.

Experience healthcare on your terms.

We will always advocate the best personal treatment that you require, and work tirelessly to find the best options that are available either locally or nationally. We’ll take ownership of your health concerns and help you through the journey.

Membership Benefits

  • Home visits from your private doctor
  • Access to our dedicated 24/7 telephone advice line
  • Flexible appointments at home, or the office, at times that suit you
  • Urgent ‘on the day’ appointments always available
  • Private referrals to the best consultants and experts
  • Secure E-mail, text and video communication with your doctor
  • Complimentary provision of complete courses of medication
  • Concierge Pharmacy services – delivered to your door
  • Annual flu vaccines and arrangement of bespoke immunisations
  • Arrangement of blood tests at home with next day results
  • Access to our Health Concierge of health professionals


You will enjoy a private dedicated telephone number that connects directly to our doctors through the night, at weekends, and during bank holidays. For simple advice and reassurance, one of our doctors will be there to assist you in whatever way possible.

If there are more complex issues you may want assessed, or maybe you want to discuss specific treatments and referrals, we can happily arrange an appointment at home during the day at a time that suits you.

You will never have to wait to access a doctor – you will always be seen on the day for urgent issues if required, and you need not worry about consulting an unfamiliar or locum physician. All our doctors share the same ethos and way of working.

Our traditional General Practice values mean that time to listen and understand your concerns is of utmost importance. Never feel rushed or ill-informed during appointments – we will always make the time available for you.

Join us today

Contact us either by phone on 0207 060 1136 or email at to apply for our membership.

We will arrange to discuss your requirements and arrange a doctor’s visit if required, or send you an application pack in the post or via email.

On receipt of your completed application, you can immediately start to experience healthcare on your terms.



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