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At MHF Medical Concierge, we are committed to providing you with excellent healthcare solutions designed to ensure your health receives the attention and care it deserves, keeping you in peak condition.

Our Services

Comprehensive GP Services: Personalised Care, Professionalism, and Privacy

We maintain a limited patient roster to devote ample time to your unique health needs, ensuring you have continuous access to private doctors and round-the-clock urgent care.

For Individuals


Private GP

Our Private GP service eliminates NHS waiting times. Maintain your NHS GP registration while receiving care updates, and benefit from a dedicated GP familiar with your medical history. Enjoy timely support and personalised attention, thanks to our limited member base, which allows for thorough, easy-to-access consultations.


Medical Concierge

MHF’s Medical Concierge service provides 24/7 access to premier doctors, specialists, and healthcare facilities via a dedicated line. Address all medical inquiries and secure same-day appointments for urgent care. Our exclusive service includes three premium membership levels, offering extensive support tailored to high-net-worth individuals.


International Students

Our service offers immediate, personalised healthcare to international students in the UK, featuring direct access to central London doctors and private hospital admissions without delays. The BHIS program focuses on student well-being and academic success, coordinating with educational institutions and parents.


Health Packages

Choose from four annual wellness packages designed to proactively manage your health and suit the specific needs of men and women. Our health packages include thorough blood and specific tests during consultations, with tailored recommendations for further investigations or specialist referrals as needed.

For Pharmacies


Script Smart

Script Smart is a pioneering, cost-effective service designed to boost drug sales and improve patient care. Our intuitive and secure platform offers efficient processing of private prescriptions and streamlined workflows. Requesting private prescriptions has never been easier.

Contact us to learn more about Script Smart.


Weight-Loss Package

Introducing our comprehensive Weight-Loss Package, tailored for pharmacies to offer their customers. Our expert doctors provide personalised plans for sustainable results and a healthier lifestyle. With proven methods and ongoing support, customers can boost their confidence and wellbeing. Encourage your customers to begin their journey to a healthier, happier life today.

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About MHF

Our mission is to transform healthcare by providing personalised and comprehensive services, ensuring your health is always our priority.

MHF Medical Concierge is a leading private medical concierge service in the UK, founded by Dr Taiwo Olatunji.

Our team of expert UK physicians delivers top-quality care from our centrally located, purpose-built London facility. Here, we offer GP services, advanced imaging, pathology labs, and specialist consultations all under one roof for streamlined, efficient care.

Our unique advantage lies in our on-site laboratory and scanning capabilities, which expedite diagnoses and treatments by minimising external referrals and wait times. Located just a minute’s walk from Victoria and Pimlico Underground stations, MHF is easily accessible, allowing for straightforward visits. Book your consultation with us today and experience healthcare tailored just for you.


We have a deep understanding of African customs, traditions and lifestyle that underpins health beliefs and practices.


Our extensive network includes the most distinguished clinicians, therapists and medical investigators across the globe.


Our distinguished clinical team is made up of experienced physicians and administrative professionals.


As a concierge business, we ensure that care is delivered professionally, smoothly and discretely


Our website is currently being updated. More details about MHF and our services will be available shortly.

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